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Cabela's Utah State Dutch Oven Championships

Well Dallin and I were in a Cook-off this past weekend At Cabela's in Lehi. There were six teams entered. We got there about 7:30Am to set-up and get things ready. You can't start anything until the starting time. (Which was 9:00) We had what they call a cook's meeting at 8:30 and go over all of the time frames etc. any rules that need talked about and that kind of thing. They gave us a few items just for coming.
It was a three pot cook off IE: Main course, Bread (Yeast), and a Dessert. We cooked a Cherry Glazed Pork Tenderloin for our main course, Italian Stuffed Rolls for our bread, and what we call ohh lala Cinnamon Chocolate Cake. They have time frames for everything that is one of the unique things or differences in cooking in a competition. Dessert was due at 12:00, Bread was due at 1:00, and the Main course at 2:00. The awards were at 3:00pm The Cabela's Cook-off is kind of fun because they give gift cards for the prizes.
Well we had FUN! But we didn't take 1s…

Our Baby! (Great Title huh?)

Well "our baby girl" just hit another great milestone I thought I would share it. She received her YW recognition award for getting all of her personal progress completed at Church. She has worked very hard through the summer to finish it up, because she is done in the YW program. She always laughs about my blogging so I'll show her and put her in "The Blog". :) It was nice we had dinner and the program.

Family Night at The Cromer's

Ok we had quite the Family Night tonight (Monday 22nd) It started pretty early about 4:00PM Jamie and Dallin decided they needed some Spaghetti Sauce. Katie and Ryan helped do some last Saturday. Tomatoes were procured and were waiting for us all when we got home from work.So we began setting up, slicing, straining, cooking, bottling, sealing, and stacking. Sure sounds easy huh? It really is a pretty good family activity. We started doing it years ago now none of the family likes the store stuff so we have to do it. It is pretty convenient though. We have lots of great neighbors that pass us tomatoes and we use the farmers market to purchase them also. ( The new puppies ate our tomatoes and the plant!) Katie and Ryan went and got us dinner while we kept up on the Sauce. We also made some pizza sauce that we have never done before. We will have to try that out later this week. Well here is the pics of our fun! Spaghetti Sauce

Pioneer Craft House Grand Re-Opening

Well last night we were asked to help do some Dutch Oven cooking at the Grand Re-opening of the Pioneer Craft House in South Salt Lake. It was fun! A bunch of local folks were asked to come over and do some cooking. Their were people cooking Scones, Taco Soup, Cobblers, Apple Streusel Cake, while they were having a ceremony to re-open the Craft house. Its a fun place to visit and see all the exhibits. I guess they have puppet shows there and movies also on the weekends.

Connie and I cooked three different things, two of them we had never done before. (Good time to practice) We cooked a Peach Crisp one of our old stand-bys that we are always ready to cook because Connie bottles the filling, and we keep it in our storage. We also cooked a Pineapple Blueberry Cobbler. They both turned out GREAT! My favorite though was a Peach Plum Crisp that we put together. Fresh plums that Cameron had just picked the night before.
I'll put recipes on as soon as I figure it out. Click on Pioneer Craft…

Let's Block Party...........

We had some fun about a month ago that I thought I would share around. On August 5th we had a Block Party. Yep we haven't had one of those for awhile. The family was out on the lawn and talking with some of the neighbors and we decided we would have a block party. Well it so happens that is was about the same time frame as the "Night out Against Crime". So I contacted the City of South Salt Lake and arranged with officer Heddlesten to be able to block off our street. He got everything Ok'd through the city and we started to go to work on it. I had a great bunch of folks that helped out. (Thanks everyone). :)
Well I won't bore you with all the details but we had a blast! We covered both sides of Adams Street and both sides of 500 East from Welby to 2700 South. I counted about 110 people there throughout the night. It was Pot luck so we had a little bit of everything. (except Dutch oven) We got to meet a lot of new people that i didn't know before. We had a cou…

On Your Mark Get Set...Go

Well here we go! I don't know exactly what I'm doing but I'm going to give it a try. I read enough Blogs now that I should be doing one. I guess you could consider me a major lurker. Well anyways welcome to "Our World". It should be fun. We have a lot of different things going on so I'll just start it up and get going.

I first thought this would just be about Dutch Oven cooking because that seems to be a big focus in my life right now. but I do believe we will try and mix it up a little. I think that will work the best and see where it goes. I do hope to be putting on a bunch of my Dutch Oven Adventures though. We have lots of different things we cook now so hopefully it should be of interest. I will of course add some recipes and instructions, and yes I will put in some easy ones for you beginners.

I'll try and keep you filled in on what's going on around the Cromer Compound (maybe not a good word?) also. Well here we go. I hope I have it set right so …