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Cooking at Girl's Rough Camp

This past week Connie, Nicole, and I went up in the mountains and cooked at Girl's Rough Camp. We have fun doing that. We cooked Ribs, Mountain Potatoes (Bacon, cheese, onions), Connie's Veggie dish (broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, cauliflower, cheese, bacon, mushroom soup), Rolls, and a couple ovens of brownies to get them a chocolate fix.
It was all good! we had to snack on a few rolls before we took it over to the pavilion....:) It was a buffet kind of affair when it was cooked we brought it all together then everyone ate. Ours were all gone real fast.
Rolls Veggie dish

Sunday Dinner Rolls

I've wanted to improve my bread making skills so I told my wife I want to start making the rolls every week for Sunday dinner. I thought that would be a great way to get better at making bread. I've been doing it now for quite a few months. I've tried numerous recipes and different kinds of flours. I'm getting it narrowed down to a couple basic ones that I will continue to use in our Dutch Oven Cook Offs, and of course Sunday Dinner. Some haven't turned out well and others are getting better. I think I'm learning a lot about Kneading dough! I'll try and start posting some recipes so if you want to try them.

Wednesday's Dutch Oven Recipe

I thought I would share some EASY Dutch Oven recipes with you for the nest few weeks.

Rhodes rolls

2-3 hours before you are going to cook them, spray your 12” Dutch oven with Pam. Put your frozen rolls in the oven spaced a little bit apart and put the lid on. Place the Dutch oven in a warm place but not to warm. Not in the hot sun. After a few hours they should have thawed out and risen a little bit (be sure and check to see that they have risen). Cook with 9 pieces of charcoal on the bottom and 16 on the top. Put one coal right in the middle on top. Cook for 20-25 minutes. Check at 20 sometimes they cook fast. Rub butter over the top after they are cooked.

Candy Sushi? Anyone?

I decided that I am going to learn how to make sushi. Most of my family don't like sushi though. But my wife and I like it. I don't like wasabi, it is too hot for me. So I just use soy sauce. I saw some on the Food Network that I would like to try. I told my kids I think they will like it also. They don't think so! I remember one of the first time they tried it was in California on one of our mini vacations. My friend Mark and Carrie took us to a Japanese restaurant and they ordered. We tried all different kinds. All I can say is my kids would have gone hungry except for they spotted an Inn-N-Out Burger close by.

As I was cruising some of the regular "food blogs or sites" that I seem to follow I found this..........

Yep here is a link to the recipe: Candy Sushi

I think they will like this Sushi! hahahah Yep Rice Krispies Treats, Gummy Worms, Fruit Leather

Crazy Dogs!!!!

I wonder what people think is going on in our back yard when we are gone. Our Labradors have a blast playing together. Sometimes it gets a bit loud but they sure seem to have fun. Ryan caught them in action the other day here is the video. They are pretty funny with the little Chihuahuas getting in on the action.

Happy Father's Day!

Another Great Message! I had this as a forward on an email from a couple of GOOD friends and I thought I would pass it along this way!

Hope ya know we had a hard time

I found this on one of the LDS youtube sites. I thought it is REAL in the business I work in right now. Constructions is really down and we have seen a lot of people laid off. Hopefully things will start picking up and Contractors will start building again.

Why is it so HARD to write in a BLOG regularly?

I've been trying to decide why it is so hard to right in my blog regularly? I think it is a lot like journal writing. Some folks are really good at that and other "not so good". I guess that is my category! I have started numerous blogs but not finished them up. Like this blog I started back in February. I have lots of things we have been doing and cooking so once again I am going to try and start posting some more regularly. Maybe that is the secret doing it on one specific day and or time? Well I will try it. Lots of things have been going on in the family and I'll try and get you all updated. Plus I've found lots of new recipes that we have been working on to convert to Dutch Ovens. So I'll try to be better. Let me know how you find it easiest to write in your blogs.