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What is Your Favorite Easy Dinner Recipe?

Kalee spurred me to think about this with her new food blog. I was trying to think what dinners we enjoy the most. Is it something that takes a long time to cook? Or is it something expensive that we don't buy very often? Maybe it was something our Mom's made for us that we really enjoyed. Maybe it is a combination? I think of a lot of childhood things that I don't really eat anymore. I think a lot of times we eat what is easy to get at and cook!!! What do you think? I think we probably have those same things too often and it is easy to do some other things. Last night we had French Bread Pizza! I thought that was a pretty easy dinner. Or is it Tacos, or Spaghetti? Hamburgers. I think it may change from season to season also. So answer me this..........So what is your "favorite easy dinner"?

McDonald's Gourmet Hot Chocolate...............

Dallin and I were in a Cook-off today...but this blog is on another subject. On our way down to Provo we decided to stop at a McDonald's because Dal didn't have any breakfast. So I decided that I would get me a nice cup of Hot Chocolate because it was kind of cold and wet, and it sounded good. Dallin drove up to the drive up and I reached in to the ole wallet and broke through the cobwebs and retrieved $1.00 and handed it to him and said get me a Hot Chocolate. We were getting ready to order and I asked him how much it was.........You have got to be kidding me $2.45 for a cup of cocoa. They were advertising it like it was some kind of GOURMET HOT CHOCOLATE. Well we ended up watching her make it for us. It looked like hot water, chocolate syrup and blend. Add about a 1/2 cup of Redi whip from the spray can, then add some more chocolate syrup. It is sounding pretty good huh? OR NOT.... Nastiest stuff we have ever tasted. Not having young children anymore we do not end up ever go…

Dutch Oven Demonstration for the Boy Scout Troops in Our Area

On Saturday January 31st we were asked to do a Dutch oven cooking demonstration for the local Boy scouts and their leaders. We cooked up a storm, here is what we cooked:

Easy BBQ Ribs
Susan's Pizza Chicken
Rhodes Rolls
Seasoned Potato Bites
Monkey Bread
Cheddar Bacon Bites
Apple Spice Cobbler
Montainman Breakfast
Hungry Scout Frenchtoast
Debbie's Italian Bread

Next time I will try and let you all know so if you want to come help out and learn some Dutch oven cooking! We had a blast and it was GREAT weather!

Here are some pics:

Here are a bunch of pics: