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As some of you know Connie and I won a Dutch Oven Cook-off last year back in March. So what that means in the Dutch Oven World is, that we qualify to Cook in the World Championships. We needed to be signed up by the end of the year(December 31, 2009)with recipes turned in. So we did it! I signed us up, and sent in recipes for both the semi-finals, and the finals (if we make it). So that is what we will be working on for the next 2 months. It is on March 18, 19, 20, 2010 at the ISE Sportsman's Expo in Sandy Utah. They have 2 semi-final rounds one on Thursday and one on Friday. It sounds like about 24 teams are signed up. only 10 teams total will move on to the finals. Their is a lot of Great cooks that will be cooking so we will just get in there and do our best!

I'm going to try and keep regular blogs going on the cook-off and our practice. We have some dishes that we really need to practice so maybe all out neighbors will be helping again.


Andrea said…
YEAH! I'm glad you are back! I was getting worried. But Katy told me you weren't dying.
You guys will do wonderful! GOOD LUCK
Fun! We would love to be your Guinea pigs some time and try them out... :) Anyway, good to see some news from the cromers! LOVE YOU GUYS!

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