Semi Finals Menu Explained

Pork Wellington is a pork tenderloin that has a Duxelle mash which is mushrooms and some other items pressed on to the sides of the tenderloin then it is wrapped in a puff pastry. I cooked these a year ago in a cook off and burned them.

Asiago Pepper flower is a yeast bread that has Asiago cheese in it, and black pepper in the dough, it is rolled out and made to look like a flower.

Roasted Asparagus spears are roasted in a little oil and have Parmesan cheese on the top. (no pic)

Cowboy Carmel Apple Cake is a scratch white cake spiced and put on top of apples and a Carmel sauce and then turned over when displayed with some roasted almonds sprinkled on the top and served with whipped cream or ice cream. (upside down cake)

Well there they are, all from the Dutch Ovens!


Andrea said…
Sam wants to know if you need taste testers!
Ranes said…
What a beautiful picture of the Wellington. I really like that piece of paper that details the team and dish. =0)
Ted said…
Yep I think we will need some tasters!!

Do you remember that picture Ranes? It was burnt on the bottom!!!!
This makes me so hungry!!! What talent you have!
Emily said…
I want to try that cake!

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